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In questa bibliografia vengono raccolte alcune letture utili a documentarsi sul fenomeno dei dati aperti della ricerca, con riferimento a progetti internazionali, a strumenti per lo storage e la condivisione di dati, e altro ancora. Buona lettura!


In generale sugli open data

  1. Ten Tales of Drivers and Barriers in Data Sharing:
  2. Report on Integration of Data and Publication (Executive Summary):
  3. Report on Integration of Data and Publication:

Progetti e iniziative

  2. DataCite Blog on: DataCite content service
  • DataOne (Data Observation Network for Earth) - ensuring preservation and access to multi-scale, multi-discipline, multi-national science data. http://www,
  • EUDAT – a Europe-wide solution to data management
  • Digital Curation Centre – a centre of expertise on data curation. Plenty of Briefing papers/resources for data managers
  • Dryad - Biosciences data repository. Only accepts data related to peer-reviewed articles
  • PANGAEA - Repository for earth and environmental science
  • Data Asset Framework - UK based project assisting organisations with managing their research assets
  • CODATA (Committee on Data for Science and Technology) - Established by the International Council for Science and recognises that sharing of data is essential - shares a useful list of data policies
  • Linked Data - a useful resource that sets out standards information and FAQs for linking online data
  • RatSWD - German Data Forum on Research Data Centers and Data Service Centers
  • SURF Foundation - Enhanced publications project looks at six different cross-discipline projects. Interesting video too.

  • Open Knowledge Foundation - builds tools and communities to promote open data and access -


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